Séminaire EMMA Sherry Simon (Concordia University, Canada): « TRANSLATION SITES »

A hotel in Sarajevo, an opera house in Prague, a memorial in Lviv, a bridge in Mostar, a museum in Ottawa, a garden in Ireland,a market in Hong Kong and a church in Toledo-- these are examples of what I call translation sites, places shaped by conversations across languages. Here words and histories meet – in modes of coexistence, rivalry or conquest. Translation sites are polyglot places, echoing with overlapping stories. To visit these sites is to be aware of competing versions of history and the uneven fit between present and past. Translation sites make visible the impact of language interactions on history and daily life.

In this talk I will present two very different sites: one historical-- a monument in the city of Lviv, Ukraine and the other mythical--“the mountaintop”

Séminaire animé par Lily Robert-Foley et Julie Sauvage

Jeudi 14 novembre 17h